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An Ultimate, One point, Realistic, One-on-one Virtual Nutrition Solution Platform! Solely idolize holistic ClinicoDiet-Healthcare approach via positivity focused nutrition techniques for all age groups to reduce future disease risks. Our community-oriented friendly approaches, encourage clients to be society’s role model for motivating others to adopt and practice healthier eating habits. We Value each individual’s health score and do not claim / replace any medical advice……


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Promote & Empower with Realistic Self –care Nourishment insights to boost vivacity for Superior Quality of Life!!


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Started with an Achievement........ 

Professionally imparting on-job routine Diet Services to Hospital patients as Consultant Critical Care Nutritionist & Head Dietetics for over 2 decades in Reputed Hospitals across India was absolutely fine till one fine day.... a wheelchair bound patient’s visit to Hospital Diet-OPD changed my outlook of practice and motivated me to create this Clinically appropriate ‘Personalised Diet-Therapy Rehabilation Platform’.   

Just discharged after a long hospital stay battling with multiple complications, physically she was cachectic and expressively restless. Her sole concern was to gulp down medicines to get well soon.  I could observe heightened anxiety, coupled with expression of fright in eyes and inability to concentrate throughout the Consultation session, repeatedly complaining of low appetite, distorted senses of smell and taste of familiar foods. She may possibly be perplexed whether new Diet foods will aggravate or heal her condition and that’s why tried to oppress the prescribed Diet Regime. Logically as a Clinical Nutritionist, I could also sense that just prescribing a Therapeutic Diet chart to a patient  along with simply counselling on foods to add or delete from diet was not enough…. rather than any patient has to passionately eat food to derive maximum nutrients for prompt disease correction. Hence, I was also relentlessly striving to make her feel positive by adding altogether ‘an exciting yet a healthy element” in her Routine -Food Plate for Happy dining so as to make her recovery journey more alluring! 

My quest ended when I met Consultant Therapeutic Gastronomic Expert & Founder Cozyfoodcorner who also believes in listening to the body & focusing on the diverse, delicious, healthy foods ‘one can have’ rather than diet which says ‘you can't have’. With same ideology, jointly made a Fab Team! She upgraded my prescribed Diet Plan to next level with precisely designed customized ‘Therapeutic Diet Recipes’. This small change made patient’s nourishment journey effortless. Our duo performance ties thus, were extremely positive counting success with her total recovery!

In short time, this patient established as model instance for several Clients. So, we had to establish DIETOTHERAPY HUB with regulars demand. What started as a simple counseling tool for single patient in 2018, has grown today into 4 digit client load.

Dedicatedly, we work on unleashing the magic of one-to-one counseling for each family member in need of Diet support with ‘Scientific based Personalized Indian Diets’ shaping future long term well-being. Nowadays, DIETOTHERAPY HUB has extended network to Tele / Video consultation services Locally & Globally marching to success pathway casing from ‘Medical Nutrition Therapy to Lifestyle Nutrition’.


Dietotherapy has the fervor of helping its clients for nutritiously balanced lifestyles with versatile diet support. It steers each client for practicing improved Nutrition Culture so that they can find the perfect balance between making the right food choices & enjoying foods according to their personal lifestyle or health needs for enduring well being
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Cozyfoodcorner exclusively masters in creating a wonderfully layered palette experience gratifying to the taste buds in favor of clients. For you, we are DIET-BUDDY making your prescribed Diet stylish, exciting, effortless and crowning with an element of a 'Fit-to-Me' Dining Delight through delicious Diet-Recipes! We use Paleo-Indian staples for Elite Microbial safe-Therapeutic Diet Recipes that are simply revelatory in every health condition.
If searching for Online Clinical Dietitian,  Best Indian Nutritionist,  Diet Recipes then, consult Dr. Jayeeta Choudhury
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