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Dietotherapy Online Diet Programs envisions your life with decision for optimal nourishment you need to function at your best, in today’s busy world. The Nutri-care programs are elaborately designed for a deeper understanding of the disease with attention to Balanced Nutrition & Lifestyle. Each Diet-regime is implemented phase-wise, personally by  Dr. Jayeeta Choudhury so as to deliver top–notch Health guidance to Clients!




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  1. Our years of experience will help you to make a complex life change easy and obvious for yourself and those you care for.

  2. You will  have access to a weekly nutrition coaching with us to review your progress and keep you on track with your smart goals

  3. You will be trained  to care for yourself, to make wise food selections and learn to say ‘YES’ to you and ‘NO’ to the things that hold you back for healthy cause.

  4. You will be encouraged to eat healthy through cooking simple food recipes and practice superior nutrition culture in your life and for your family.



You very well know that it’s not an easy task to be nutritionally fit for anybody in any city where convenience is king and long working hours dictate eating habits. If you are a non-vegetarian/ vegetarian or even vegan and having any concern regarding your intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, specific vitamins and minerals for long term well-being, then this program may be the one what you are looking for...... to maintain an Ideal body weight with vivacity!

This healthy lifestyle Diet program ensures a well-rounded diet approach for  future well-being. Firstly, uncovers your poor Health Habits and Patterns and then grooms you with precise Diet regimes and  right food combination for improved energy levels.

Bonus! Cozyfoodcorner’s enliven elite balanced recipes edifies you to achieve a balance in cooking your own dishes with correct foodstuff for obtaining total nutritional quality.


The Word itself may sound simple but it can be the most difficult part when it comes to your diet. The current advice is perhaps the kind that begins with 'eat less' or 'restrict fat'.

Dietotherapy Hub realistically identifies that it’s not easy to get into the mindset of shutting down ‘hunger quotient’ for anybody to say--- ‘I will not eat as I want to get a physique of a Celebrity ’. Deprivation is not the solution... Mind it!  You are not eating numbers, you’re eating food!

Creating a balance with Well Balanced diet is our key pillar. We do not even curfew carbs! No claims, no short cuts with fad diets or gimmicks- just scientific step by step program that works, no matter how busy you are. We fuel you up at the right time focusing on personalized Weight Reduction Diet regime based on current Body Indices along with Medical and diagnostic reports. Additionally, Cozyfoodcorner guides you to distinguish healthy food from “hyped” foods. It’s elite  lip-smacking Diet-Recipes assist you for an enjoyable weight loss Journey.

The real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow our diet plan to reach the set goal. 

So, why not settle on your program?


Sick of not achieving your health goals or even not able to maintain your ideal body weight and feel low in energy?  Overwhelmed and unsure of what to do but strong-minded to improve and promote good health with immune-boosting energy foods, then your search ends here!

Dietotherapy's Healthy energy boosting Diet program is personalized scientific nutrition guidance. We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick gain diets. Firstly, we assess your current Body indices, review medical-diagnostic report and identify the flaws in your current food intake before fueling with Diet regime for vivacity.

Bonus! Each Diet regime is finished with exciting Cozyfoodcorner’s delectable Diet-recipes for you to widen superior and healthy eating habits during the program.


Proper nutrition ought to be an important concern for you as an individual suffering from chronic kidney disease and on dialysis support. At this instant, keeping track of the nutrients in the foods you eat and their effect on your health may be a huge challenge.

Dietotherapy can help you keep track of this so that you can remain within the recommended guidelines with a specialized Renal dialysis Diet. We obtain a detailed analysis of your present kidney state, prescribed medications and present nutritional status with current lifestyle. Realistic diet changes are targeted to prevent malnutrition and improve further quality of life.

In case, you are bored of your routine meal, worry not! We know that eating is a passion which deserves to be enjoyed even in diseased condition! As a Diet-buddy, Cozyfoodcorner makes your personalized Diet extra delicious with its finest taste-bud friendly Renal-Recipes, translating each bite into a Happy Meal.

Bonus! Food safety is specially taken care of in this program to prevent infection and preserve your kidney. We care for you.... Don’t think too much, turn it to Action now!

CANCER TREATMENT DIET PROGRAM (Radiation/Chemotherapy/Surgery)

Belgian Waffles
As a Cancer fighter or as Caregiver, are you presently learning about this diet from your friends, family or what’s trendy in internet? Could you find a perfect diet that can truly help to have a better quality of life in the cancer journey? May be your search ends here !

Appropriate NUTRITION THERAPY can prevent Negative health outcomes and improve "Quality of Life"  and eating well is the first step towards achieving the goal within set time frame. Our Fab team of Dietotherapy and Cozyfoodcorner  promises to join in your treatment journey which will be extremely positive for you. We identify before time, the future treatment side-effects of  possible alterations to eat well e.g,  If water tastes unpleasant to you, if food tastes bland, if you have a metallic taste in your mouth – we have precise  solutions and prepare you accordingly!  Diet- buddy Cozyfoodcorner, particularly will steer you to continue passionate love for food‘.  Its fit -to-me happy meal recipes will definitely offer ‘contented eating’ element for a pleasant dining.

Sometimes, treatment may weaken the immune system and can raise the risk of an infection making you sicker. Cozyfoodcorner will play a vital role here! Its ‘Clean Diet recipes’ customized to your medications plus guidance on food safety will aid in treatment completion.

What if you can’t take nutrition ORALLY? We still have an unique way with clinically appropriate alternatives by feeding artificially via gut.  

Let’s take the challenge and win the battle !


No one can think well, perform well if gut is unhealthy! Gut is our 'Second Brain'. It strongly instructs our sensory organs whether to accept or reject a FOOD, no matter how attractive it looks. Wrong food selection and improper hygiene aggravates gut woes.

Some gastrointestinal diseases need long term specialized diet therapy for its correction. We use your habitual staples and give confidence to make few positive lifestyle changes for ‘Happy Gut’


Sport is supposed to be competitive. All want to perform at their best to win.  Whether first race, marathon, sporting event, adventure sports or climbing to Everest. What you eat before, during and after, plays crucial role in every event. To get best out of your bodies naturally, you must make wise food choices with correct hydration to increase the chances of optimal performance. This program offers realistic changes to improve endurance and performance of your health with natural and humble nutrients.

Hey! Get rightly guided to Fuel for peak performance naturally!

 All athletes are Welcome!!!


Chronic diseases may necessitate continuing long hospital stay treatment which is always not convenient with lots of reasons like you may be in need of only palliative care. In this, ‘Home’ is the next best place to extensive hospital care, provided medically permitted and protocols are correctly followed.

Importantly, right Nutrition for nourishment remains a mainstay! Both the decline in ability or desire to eat and the decline in the body’s ability to properly absorb food due to disease/ treatment side effects, can add ‘a big burden’ to achieve an Optimal Nutritional Status.            So, what can you do from a nutritional standpoint?

We are right there where you need us for any type of critical or chronic diseases. Dietotherapy's Home care Nutrition Program has all solutions. Our advanced elaborate Diet therapy and feeding regimes, both orally and via tubes can aid in medical treatment.

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