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Celebrating Diet-centric benefits that “Dietotherapy Hub” brings for our Valued Clients



Sharing my own transformative journey here as I believe in the saying "Practice what you Preach". After delivering my little princess, I developed post pregnancy health problems with allergic bronchitis and  photosensitivity making me medically mandatory to be on regular  heavy medications for 2 years and be confined to home. As a result, I became overweight which added to my woes. Further there was no relief from the medical problem also. It was then Dr. Jayeeta   took my case, heightened my confidence, worked on my weight increment plus allergy issues and suggested a Diet Plan very much personalized based on routine home-cooked, time saving meals.  As this diet took care of both macro and micro-nutrient replenishment, within a month I started seeing the results which strengthened my resolve to get cured totally. I followed Diet Plan religiously along with exercises suggested by her and within a span of 3 months I brought down my weight from 68 Kg to 54 Kg without compromising on my favourite foods. Today, allergies are cured and I am totally off the medications and proudly a regular participator of marathon and other adventurous sports. I am thankful to her for timely support & helping me to recapture my newest too! 

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YEAR 2016

YEAR 2018


Long distance running requires a lot of sustainable energy and strength which I could develop with the help of Dietotherapy Sports Diet plan .The plan was extremely helpful for marathon groundwork; especially carb loading& hydration techniques incorporated in my daily routines were awesome. I have successfully completed three half marathons within targeted time. A lot of credit goes to the team in preparing me just with only natural foods to give a competitive edge!




I had gained a lot of weight in the last 3-4 years. I tried self adjustment of food and various forms of physical exercises. But was not successful. I would lose weight for some time and gain it back in a matter of days. That's when I decided to get professional help regarding my problem. Dr Jayeeta's diet & recommended fitness routine combined with Cozyfoodcorner's delicious recipes aligned to my recommended diet, helped me lose almost 6 kgs in just a matter of two months, amidst the pandemic when access to a lot of amenities wasn't possible. 

Their diet and recipes emphasise on sustainability by using local ingredients and fitness routines are tailored to my work life. Realistic diet, recipes and fitness regime that emphasises on wholesome nutrition and not crash diet. This ensures that I can actually continue this regime for life and be fit for life, which is the ultimate goal!





Unique and Very professional group. Provides clients practical advice, punctual follow-ups and motivates a lot to make permanent lifestyle changes. My  UNHEALTHY HABITS due to  long sitting hours in front of PC as an IT professional has been streamlined just with a month’s Lifestyle Nutrition program during pandemic Lockdown...

Thank you


 I had been walking around hopeless for the past several months to reduce my 35 kg weight and there was no way out of crash diet. I felt such a deep inner sadness that I’m ‘stuck like this and my diabetes plus Arthritis problem also increased. One day my neighbor gave me contact number of Dr Jayeeta. Her counseling sessions plus diet plans and delicious WEIGHT LOSS RECIPES made me to discover the new me. Big thanks Cozyfoodcorner for making me realize that weight reduction journey is actually thrilling and enjoyable with yummy recipes


I’ve been very sick for last 2 years with lung tuberculosis followed by CELIAC disease. I have to say that there no one for me to understand my problems. I  lost 30 kg of weight in 3 months and had amenorrhoea.  Finally my doctor referred me to Dietotherapy Hub. I got quick result in 2 weeks time with Dr. Jayeeta’s Diet plan. I have gained back my weight. Thank you Cozyfoodcorner. Only with simple kitchen ingredients I could eat well with variety of dishes. I am now fine and a month back delivered a baby girl.  I still carry regular follow ups with Dietotherapy Hub. Anyone suffering from gluten allergy, please visit. Thanks a lot


Most WEIGHT LOSS programs I had done before meeting Dr. Jayeeta, is hard to stick with new habits. With her Diet Plans I was able to relax and enjoy my dining especially with Cozyfoodcorner’s easy and quick recipes. Thank you for helping me to reach my target weight. I highly recommend all weight watchers to contact without delay


I was diagnosed with RECTAL CANCER. Due to chemotherapy side effects, I was weak, not able eat due to mouth ulcer, had loose stools and lost 12 kg weight. My problems were more and finally decided to discontinue treatment. A family friend gave Dr. Jayeeta’s contact number. This Team not only gave good Diet plan and Cancer Diet Recipes but Dr. Jayeeta’s motivating counseling skill made me more positive. Finally, I could complete treatment and underwent surgery with healthy weight. Today I am a survivor and back to normal life. Special mention to Cozyfoodcorner for guiding my wife how to lay attractive tasty food & maintain food safety during treatment days. Thank you!


I am patient with POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY disease and Diabetes and right now undergoing treatment but for diet I chose Dietotherapy Hub. Very good Diet plan and Renal Diet recipes of Cozyfoodcorner makes me to enjoy eating. My creatinine is under control within 3 weeks diet. Best thing is that Dr. Jayeeta gives ample time and clears all my doubt. Good luck and best wishes


Extremely grateful to Dr. Jayeeta for helping me to cure my ULCERATIVE COLITIS. Before meeting her, I was confused as what to eat. Was on too much of ‘No foods’ plus medicines.  Cozyfoodcorner’s exclusive diet recipes helped me a lot. I have gained my lost weight back. Can eat all food now. Thank you and Good wishes to the team


My aged bedridden father has multiple medical complications plus Parkinson and on PEG feeding. Home care Nutrition Program is very good Dr. Jayeeta is very knowledgeable and constantly helping me to carry out with the treatment smoothly. No weight loss till now. Regular follow-ups calls are done personally by her. Best wishes & God Bless the Team.


My experience after my Bypass surgery for the timely counselling by Dr. Jayeeta was extremely good and the professional approach for the diet chart helped me to recover very fast and I can say that it helped me a lot in improving my health after a major surgery. The diet that was prescribed  was in tune with my present ailment of DIABETES and that is where the real professional skill of a Dietitian comes into picture. I am really thankful to Dr. Jayeeta for her help in designing my diet during the most difficult period of my life that is after my Bypass surgery. Thank you and Best wishes!

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