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Consultant, Critical Care & Lifestyle Nutritionist


Consultant Therapeutic Gastronomic Expert
Co-Founder, Dietotherapy Hub

Upgrade your Nutrition Culture Today for a Healthy Tomorrow.....



Best Indian Clinical Dietician, Dr. JAYEETA CHOUDHURY, Founder Dietotherapy Hub - Consultant Critical Care Nutritionist, practising in the field of Dietetics & Wellness for the last two decades, is the first eye-opener in signifying the importance of ‘Timely intervention of Therapeutic diets’ in Corporate hospitals, Ahmedabad.

Academically Doctorate, Medical Dietetics with super-specialization in Critical Care, Immunonutrition (The M.S. University, Vadodara, Gujarat), Post graduate, Medical Dietetics (Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore & CMCH, Tamil Nadu). At present Fellow Scientists of both American College of Nutrition (FACN), USA & International College of Nutrition (FICN). Trained especially at Christian Medical College (CMCH), Vellore (Tamil Nadu), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad, Ketogenic trust (Mumbai) in collaboration with John Hopkins, USA for diverse disease management

As a Practitioner has enormous experience working in reputed Medical Institutes of India, Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore (Tamil Nadu), Bhopal Memorial Hospital Research Centre, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Top Corporate & Hospitals of Gujarat including Apollo Hospitals. Instrumental in initiating Dietetics Department, training interns in many reputed hospitals across India. Her proficiency in treating Critically-ill patients with effective Enterostomy Diet remedy is exceedingly valued among Clinicians & Patients. So, currently she is also attached as Consultant in Ahmedabad hospitals dispensing Clinical Diet advice.

Felicitation with Best Scientist & Prestigious Lekh Juneja Award by International College of Nutrition, Scholarships & Scores of National, International Publications and designated Reviewer of International Journals are added assets.

Socially, a competent communicator in CMEs (Lions group, FICCI, Reliance Industries, Ahmedabad Management Association), penned health articles in print media plus counselled prominent Page one personalities.

Prize Badge


  • Recipient of various merit scholarships including ICAR, JRF.

  • Felicitated by ICN at 16th and 20th World Congress of Clinical Nutrition and International Congress on Cardiovascular Diseases with Best Scientist Award and the prestigious Dr. Lekh Juneja Award for extensive contribution in Applied Nutrition


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  • Choudhury Jayeeta et. al., (2014) In book: New research in cardiovascular health. Chapter: Is Obesity, ‘The New World Syndrome,’ All with the Brain or Beyond? Publisher: Nova Sciences Publishers Inc. New York.

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  • Choudhury Jayeeta et. al., (2014 ) In International College of Nutrition Project:  Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Psychological Health and Well being..

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  • Choudhury Jayeeta et. al., (1997) In Yale’s University, USA & Christian Medical College, Vellore, India Project: Effect of Glutamine Supplementation on the Protein Energy Malnutrition Children of India”.


  • Designated as Reviewer for ‘Open Nutraceuticals Journal’ (Bentham, OPEN).

  • Designated as Reviewer for Webmed Central Journal, Nutrition, UK



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  • Oral & Poster presentations on G. I Nutrition Research presented in Indian Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (ISPEN) Conference (2006)


As Professional practicing in the field of infectious diseases dealing with Viruses, Bacteria,Genome-decoding, Immunology, etc. for over a decade in Premier Institutes of India (ICMR) & Reputed Corporate hospitals.... the story of Co-founder Dietotherapy Hub is unique exemplification of ‘Chase your Dream’.

IPSITA CHOUDHURY, Founder Cozyfoodcorner, academically is a Medical Microbiologist from most reputed Medical Institute of India, the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal super specializing in Virology with scores of National & International publications in prominent Medical Journals. Her fervent interest to focus in life encouraged her to create Brand COZYFOODCORNER. Innovative Healthy & authentic dishes presented in State and National food forums had been felicitated with loads of awards at National level including by winner Masterchef India. 

Strong believer of ‘Good nourishment is only secret tool to boost-up body’s own immune warriors for fighting fit’ motivated her to groom in Dietetics for translating her Culinary Expertise into Therapeutic Diets. Today as Consultant Therapeutic Gastronomic Expert & Co-founder Dietotherapy Hub, every single food ingredient is precisely used in customized Therapeutic-Action-Plan for added ‘Happy Dining’ element in all health conditions. Currently all Cozyfoodcorner’s Therapeutic Diet Recipes are very popular in client’s Wishlist.

Award Ribbon


Choudhary Ipsita, Innovation and Potential for Significant Impact, World Biomedical Frontiers 2014

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​Choudhary Ipsita et al., V2/C2 Region of HIV-1 cladeC  Primary Envelopes confer altered neutralization susceptibilities to IgG1b12 and PG9 monoclonal antibodies presented as poster in Conference for HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) held at Cape Town, South Africa 28-31 October 2014



  • Awarded the PFF Super Chef Award from Pune Food Freak.

  • Winner in Mango mania Cooking Challenge organized by the Indian Food Freak.

  • Winner in Innovative Cooking Challenge organised by the  Pune Food Freak.

  • Winner the PFF 'Super Chef Award', received an opportunity to cook with Master Chef, India to cook in a professional setup.

  • Winner of Innovative Dry fish cooking challenge organised by Cookpad-India Cooking Community

  • Winner in Fun with Flours Cooking Challenge organised by Cookpad-India Cooking Community

  • Second Prize Winner in Fruit and Nut Cooking Challenge organised by BetterButter

  • Wild card Winner in Mango Mania Monsoon Magic contest organised by BetterButter.

  • Wild card Winner in Fun with Fruits Contest organised by BetterButter

  • Runners up in Mega Dussehra  recipe contest organised by Cookpad-India Cooking Community 



  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., V2/C2 Region of HIV-1 cladeC  Primary Envelopes confer altered neutralization susceptibilities to IgG1b12 and PG9 monoclonal antibodies AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. October2014,30(S1):A153-A153

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., Determinants in V2C2 region of HIV-1 clade C primary envelopes conferred altered neutralization susceptibilities to IgG1b12 and  PG9 monoclonal antibodies in a context dependent manner. Virology 2014 Aug; 462-463: 266-272

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., A preliminary report on the use of first line antiretroviral therapy from a free ART programme clinic in Pune, India Indian Journal of Medical Research 137, May 2013: 942-949

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., Single step detection of HIV-1 proviral DNA and housekeeping B-actin gene from dried blood spots by monoplex polymerase chain reaction Journal of Virological Methods Jan 2013; 187(1): 203-6

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., Unique C2V3 sequence in HIV-1 envelope obtained from broadly neutralizing plasma of a slow progressing patient conferred enhanced virus neutralization PLoS ONE 2012 Volume7, Issue10, e46713

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., Mechanism of Drug Resistance in a clinical isolate of Vibrio fluvialis: Involvement of multiple plasmids and integrons. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2009; Sep7; 34(3): 220-5

  • Choudhary Ipsita et. al., Clinical efficacy of regular versus orthodontic toothbrush in fixed orthodontic appliance patients assessed with bacterial culture changes- A short term randomized controlled clinical trial (3 month study) Journal of Indian association of Public Health Dentistry 2006, Issue 7: 70-76

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