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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Around the time of Independence, the diseases commonly noticed were related to #malnutrition & poor #immunity. Fortunately, today’s advent & sophistication of specialized nutrition support systems has allowed even critically patients to receive adequate and specialized nutrition. With so much of advancement, statistics on Nutrition related problems related to malnutrition, anemia and lifestyle diseases still show an increasing trend. Today, in fact #COVID-19 has set a stubborn challenge to our body warriors. We witness people with co- morbidness are counting more in mortality list. ……. WHY ? Had we been better equipped with improved line of Defense/less of Lifestyle Disease burden, could we have better dealt with this threat in a superior way? Let’s not debate much on WHY today and find ways out of it. The time ahead is going to be challenging for everyone, that’s why you need to be healthy to handle problems and setbacks. Now is the ideal time to PAUSE….. REVIEW your #Nourishment and #Lifestyle practices and get set to deal with future health threats. It’s not too late and if you begin now with some simple steps!

1. WAIVE YOUR STRESS by uncovering its cause. Workout with practical solutions on effective time management to reduce #stress whenever possible. Make sure for enough sleep and relaxation time.

2. MOVE YOUR BODY is as important as healthy eating. In this #pandemic phase, hitting a gym may not be practical to access in many places neither it’s safe to jog/ brisk walk outside with mask for a long time. If your Mirror look has changed to chubby cheeks with noticeable wider waistline, chair butt and all piled to some extra kilos, then it’s high time to focus on routine #stretchingexercises, #yoga and #pranayam. Even if you are on normal Scales, then also the rule applies. Remember, Obesity adds extra risk to any ailment.

3. TWEAK YOUR DIET is definitely very easy way to reduce sitting associated health risks and be back to shape if dynamic exercise is not doable.

4. Develop happy relationship with food by adding variety to food choices. Practice eating less of pro-inflammatory #macronutrients and more of NUTRIENT RICH #BALANCEDDIET.

5. Eat with right food PORTION SIZES & undeniably follow within allowance for salt, fats and sugars

6. Make WISE FOOD DECISIONS especially when you’re HUNGRY.

7. HYDRATE ADEQUATELY as this natural immunity booster will maintain moisture on mucous membranes for relaxed Sensory function, flush out #bodytoxins and also induce brain calmness by triggering the brain to produce melatonin for peaceful sleep.

8. Stay away from HABITS AND ALCOHOL to Save your Organs. They offer priceless service to you.

9. Never practice incomplete knowledge. Take Professional #Nutritionist’s guidance.

10. Review your health status with Annual Health Check up.

Old habits are hard to break, but the best time to start a new routine is when you are relaxed and stress free.

As was said by one of my Successful Clients … My decision to follow right Diet Advice & Healthy lifestyle made me to discover the new me! It unlocked a gush of positive energy in me....Fatigue reduced, I was active and happier.


For further guidance Contact Dietotherapy Hub. We are right there to help whenever, wherever you need us!

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