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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Around the time of Independence, the diseases commonly noticed were related to #malnutrition & poor #immunity. Fortunately, today’s advent & sophistication of specialized nutrition support systems has allowed even critically patients to receive adequate and specialized nutrition. With so much of advancement, statistics on Nutrition related problems related to malnutrition, anemia and lifestyle diseases still show an increasing trend. Today, in fact #COVID-19 has set a stubborn challenge to our body warriors. We witness people with co- morbidness are counting more in mortality list. ……. WHY ? Had we been better equipped with improved line of Defense/less of Lifestyle Disease burden, could we have better dealt with this threat in a superior way? Let’s not debate much on WHY today and find ways out of it. The time ahead is going to be challenging for everyone, that’s why you need to be healthy to handle problems and setbacks. Now is the ideal time to PAUSE….. REVIEW your #Nourishment and #Lifestyle practices and get set to deal with future health threats. It’s not too late and