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World Kidney Day 2022!

Our Kidneys are amazing organs that perform many essential tasks to keep us healthy. Today, on #WorldKidneyDay2022, Team #DietotherapyHub & #Cozyfoodcorner salutes to the strong will power of all #kidneypatients.

#10thMarch2022 - Please join us to LAUNCH New #KidneyDietPackage “Naru’s Nephro Diet Package” in loving memory of deceased kidney patient Late Shri Narayan Bhattacharjee, who lost his life’s battle very early, battling with Acute Kidney Injury.

With “Naru’s Nephro Diet Package, we aspire to work in guiding you to ‘Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care’ & create a ‘Balanced Kidney- Friendly Happy Diet Meal’ (CKD stage 1-5 stage counting Dialysis) for promoting #KidneyHealthforAll! Further each diet plan will be supported with #RenalDietRecipes by Consultant, Gastronomic-Therapeutic Expert & Founder #Cozyfoodcorner .

Save your kidneys!

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