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Don’t wait...Hepatitis can’t wait! Avert Health Crash by Tweaking your Diet too!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

This drenched season with deluge of water accumulation in potholes – every favored condition for waterborne, airborne infections along with mosquito menace mounting risks for Dengue, Malaria plus current COVID-19 pandemic wave …do not put it out of your mind as #28thJuly every year is #WORLD HEPATITIS DAY till, we eliminate this global burden by 2030.

Primarily, Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver. It may result from infectious (e.g., bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal) and noninfectious causes (e.g., drugs, metabolic diseases, alcohol, autoimmune diseases) but the most universal cause is ‘viral’ infection.

Viral hepatitis is most commonly caused by hepatitis viruses (especially hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C). It may be relatively mild and self-limiting or #acute (short-term), or may lead to #chronic (long-term) liver disease, depending on the virus involved and success of treatment.

You will be astonished to know that Hepatitis related illness is pressing public health threat worldwide including, India. It is the second major killer infectious disease next to Tuberculosis with its increased mortality due to its end stage progression, even in this current #COVID crisis.


Awareness about #Hepatitis and its related illness among the general populace is too low. Mostly people getting infected remain unaware until symptoms bombard their health and already progressed to end stage (Liver Cirrhosis or hepatocellular cancer)


Let me tell you ‘Protecting the Liver is in Our Hand’ and even Hepatitis is preventable and treatable even after being infected mainly b’coz our liver has an amazing capacity to keep doing its job, even while damaged...but this capacity is not unlimited. So, can’t wait to action viral hepatitis. A Hepatitis free environment is achievable with a united effort only if, You DON’T WAIT & ACT FAST as HEPATITIS CAN’T WAIT!

  • Foremost important is #Hygiene practices (to prevent cross-contamination) as it spreads either through contaminated food, water or by body fluids and blood transfusions.

  • Secondly, Don’t wait #Vaccinate every single one and even newborns should not wait for first birth dosage vaccination.

  • Thirdly, Don’t wait, encourage #Screening, find the “missing millions’ plus get tested for expectant mothers too. Link them to get treated without delay with life-saving treatments

  • IMPORTANTLY: Nutrition plays crucial role in both the prevention and management of this disease. As you know, liver is one of the main organs in charge of digesting and utilization of nutrients and maintain ‘Optimal Nutritional Status’, that's why DON’T WAIT - Focus on Healthy Diet & Lifestyle practices to maintain ideal body WEIGHT in favor of superior Liver health. Keep in mind, ‘any impairment of liver function can result in varieties of malnutrition’


In usual practice, if somebody is infected next UNCERTAINTY during treatment is - what to EAT & AVOID isn’t it? Total isolation, plus icterus (jaundice) with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, smell changes, metallic taste, sores in mouth and throat due to illness…….over that, No YELLOW…only dull-pale ‘white’ repetitive meals in a platter laid by Caregiver will altogether make sight of foodstuffs awful… ensuing low food intake and thereby, all in all poor nutrition too!!

There’s a SOLUTION as well!

Dear Caregivers - Times have changed….

As a patient they need psycho-social support from you. Hence,

· Firstly, UPDATE FACTS to wipe out Misconceptions and Stigmas.


At this time, the meals and snacks you prepare is the only paramount agent not only to express your affection but also should prop up happy dining for him! Optimal nutrition will definitely make him feel healthier and recover faster. Hence, at this juncture you need to focus on ‘Right Nutritious food combination” as his nutrition needs may change depending on Liver function.

Lest, if ‘timely nutritional intervention’ is missed out then ‘malnutrition’ related to the severity of the liver disease, can lead to further liver damage, increasing treatment related complications and other infections. He might even need longer hospital stay, affecting ‘Quality of life’.

A Word from Dietotherapy Hub:

In true sense, ‘One size does not fit all’ when we speak about ‘Diet for Hepatic diseases’. It’s not just ‘deleting fats’, ‘restricting proteins’ and ‘increasing refined carbohydrate and sugars’ as done in usual practice. While, you may need to adjust every so often the diet based on specific diagnosis, without further taxing the liver, also practically it’s simply unattainable of your own to apply basic nutrition principles for healing the diseased liver. Precisely, both macro nutrients and micronutrients should be well calculated for nutrition balance according to disease stage to prevent further deterioration and restore liver function. Even, fluid management should be taken care utmost.

So, at this point of time, we suggest that you should definitely seek guidance from Dietetic Experts to learn about the ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines’.

Dietotherapy Hub’s personalized online platform can help you too! Now, you can as well lay ‘SMART TABLE’ for your loved ones with NO more boring Hepatic meals with our support!

Catch the ultimate guidance from Consultant Critical Care Nutritionist Dr. Jayeeta and Consultant Gastronomic Expert & Founder Cozyfoodcorner’s customized Hepatic Regime as per the stage of liver disease to expedite healing and prevent further malnutrition

NOTE: Cozyfoodcorner as Co-Founder #Dietotherapy Hub directs each DIET PRECRIPTIONS in context to diagnosis with attractive, #therapeutic-Hepa-Recipes with #safe, #liver-friendly #nutrient Dense versatile ingredients aiding liver to restore.

Love your liver for a healthy you!

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