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Healthy Summer Diet and Wellness Ideas !

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Scorching Heat, Rising mercury, Sultry Sweats........ Can't avoid, its #Summer !!!

No vacation tour to favourite hill station this time! No chill outs in swimming pools or water parks..... Oh Nooo !! All cancelled due to this pandemic !

Due to rising heat plus restrictions as per COVID-19 appropriate protocol (face mask on, body covered, etc.) causing more sweating, now you begin to become more restless and twitched as it will hamper a lot of your routine life like eating habits, sleep cycles thereby, dropping off work output also. Sipping cold water, chill aerated drinks, cool sherbets, lemonade, iced tea, cold coffee, ice-creams do seem to give some respite, still you might feel low in ENERGY, DEHYDRATED, LOW MOOD, FATIGUE and SLUGGISH.

So importantly, what you eat now is crucial for a healthy mind and body, as well as for keeping the levels of energy up during the long summer days. You ought to be cautious in selecting summer bites and sips as wrong food can actually aggravate or alleviate your health problems during this time. They must be able to protect you against dehydration, as well as maintain optimal levels of energy with improved immunity in this harsh weather.

But HOW?

Dr. Jayeeta’s Dietotherapy Hub suggests…. #Summer Lifestyle Diet IDEAS for improved immunity and to keep you Cool with HIGH Energy levels ….

  • #EatRight with healthy food combinations.

  • Summer season is ideal for contamination and infection due to bacteria and virus growth which causes various illnesses. Make sure to store food promptly after Cleaning at Correct Temperature for #QualityShelfLife, Nutrition Stability & #SafeEating

  • #Eatlight ! Downsize your meal but don’t skip-most importantly breakfast.

  • Change day’s #menu content every alternate day to avoid OVEREATING any one type of food for too long.

  • You can feel your body gets more dehydrated as the temperature goes up... so importantly keep yourself #Hydrated by drinking PLENTY of #Water and facilitating easy flushing of toxins from your body too. Occasionally, you can slip little Lemon/Citrus juice for refreshing your water sips. Surely Keep away from alcohol.

  • Include more of #locally grown #seasonal #coloured hydrated fruits & veggies in your Meal Plate to get maximum protection from seasonal flues.

  • You need not refrain from your favourite fried, sweet dishes or caffeinated & aerated drinks but definitely watch out #portionsize. These nutrient-poor sugary or fried snacks give you a quick jolt of energy immediately after snacking but can leave you hungry, cranky, sleepy. So, choose to binge on LIGHTER HEALTHY SNACKS and FRESH juices/shakes like tender Coconut water, Sugarcane juice, naturally rich in sugars vitamins and minerals as perfect summer Quencher.

  • Routinely maintain #Hygiene practices & importantly while dining on Street vendor foods.

  • Make sure for enough #Sleep and relaxation exercise for #Eyes

  • Perform regular #Exercise in fresh air.

  • Stay INDOORS in afternoon to avoid #HeatStrokes

  • MORE !!!

For #SummerCoolRecipes and dining guide from #Cozyfoodcorner…Write to or

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