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Longan- The Euphoria Fruit!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Can you identify the secret ingredient in this eye catching dessert? Well to unfold your curiosity, you have to read this blog....

Soft warmth of the Sun, chilly winds and supple snow blanket. Oh! this is #WINTER! Mother nature seems to have festooned up with colorful hued flowers, veggies and fruits this season. Just LOOK around in the local markets, the lively vibrant #COLORS are in fact the Visual Stress Busters!

Friends, the other day I went to buy fruits and it was a visual treat to see the Red hued Apples, Pomegranates, Red- Orange hued Kinnows & Oranges, Yellow ripened Bananas, Purple Grapes BUT one attention-grabbing ‘small’ fruit in bunches resembling Lychee was attracting the customers' attention in particular! Even the vendor was not ready to compromise with the selling price as he was confident that this seasonal fruit will fetch him good price for the day. Curiously, I too chose a perfectly ripe bunch before his lot finishes. They were