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SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic & Timely) goals 2021

Hi All!

Just a few hours are left for Church bells to ring for happiness to welcome #NewYear2021 and bid adieu to #Year2020. So, what’s your 2021 New Year resolution? Is it 'lose weight to get in shape’, ‘spend less to save more', ‘spend more time with family’, quit smoking’ or 'something for self care'? Well, this year, you should give up lofty unrealistic goals difficult to accomplish and go for SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) goals. Before that, swiftly recall all past tribulations of the year 2020 when #COVID-19 pandemic abruptly halted our fast paced life to a standstill and made all, a total indoor species. However, ‘Every bad epoch teaches a lesson of goodness’. For example, this pandemic has made us realize the value of our existence... #Health- the most crucial wealth, #Food- the pyre of life,