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SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic & Timely) goals 2021

Hi All!

Just a few hours are left for Church bells to ring for happiness to welcome #NewYear2021 and bid adieu to #Year2020. So, what’s your 2021 New Year resolution? Is it 'lose weight to get in shape’, ‘spend less to save more', ‘spend more time with family’, quit smoking’ or 'something for self care'? Well, this year, you should give up lofty unrealistic goals difficult to accomplish and go for SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) goals. Before that, swiftly recall all past tribulations of the year 2020 when #COVID-19 pandemic abruptly halted our fast paced life to a standstill and made all, a total indoor species. However, ‘Every bad epoch teaches a lesson of goodness’. For example, this pandemic has made us realize the value of our existence... #Health- the most crucial wealth, #Food- the pyre of life, #Hygiene & #Cleanliness – the most essential pro for survival, #Humanity- the prime religion, #Society & Neighbors’ - our leading support system and for sure #Technology – essentially eases life. Amidst everything, didn’t ‘nourishment always remain as the mainstay of sustenance? Personally, I highly appreciate the 'lessons of goodness' learnt in this year. Do you remember…. every individual importantly struggled throughout lock-down days procuring #foodstuff as primary need. It is this ‘ 2020 pandemic phase’ made to realize the significance of home kitchen food. Healthy eating habits plus hygiene practices of populace improved ‘naturally’. Nearly all updated specifics in #internet on #immunity boosting foods so as to guard one's family from pandemic. In the quest to improve immunity…. herbal tea, lemon juice, tender coconut water, buttermilk, sizzling mixed veggie soups, nutritious khichdi, multigrain rotis, #protein rich foods (Eggs, dals, paneer) effortlessly occupied major place in regular family dining, putting back #refined, #processed #highsugar- #highsodium readymade foods and #aerated drinks…Right ? Have you realized, in this process, you have naturally created a new healthy habit for you this 2020– Congratulations!! Note, even if bad days are gradually passing by and cautiously returning to #NewNormalcy, still the battle of #COVID with mankind is not yet over. We cannot afford to sit and relax, instead should take the responsibility for our own health & well-being sincerely. Why not empower yourself and make a SMART choice - by having Meaningful changes to your diet with Specific and Achievable goals that also would have Realistic and Timely outcome for you in the coming year 2021. It’s the #healthydiet that will promote healthy gut providing fuel to our body warriors for strong #immunesystem thereby prevent / delay onset of many diseases.

Change only happens when YOU are Ready and Consistency is the Key! Few Nutrition Resolution Ideas for 2021!

1. Say NO to fad/starvation/elimination diets.

2. Start your day early with power packed breakfast instead of skipping.

3. Fit- in more of veggies & fruits in your daily diet plate.

4. Try one new recipe for your family instead on feasting outside every weekend.

5. Set small realistic goals for ‘deleting’ unhealthy foods from your food plate.

6. Include more herbs to flavor your food instead of spices.

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Wish you Happy & Healthy New Year 2021!

Best Wishes!!

Founder Dietotherapy Hub Founder Cozyfoodcorner

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